Thursday, 12 April 2018

Zenith 17 - Babel (pr. rel 2017)

The live clip of "Babel", edited with the video footage of the walk in the woods.  
Both the short edit and the full edit that was later finished.


Echoes of Echoes is a band and project with experimental performances, often as a 2 or 3 piece acoustic set. Echoes of Echoes is often in keeping with a certain purity and minimalism.

Certain songs (by Jonathan Kajet) are performed by and as connected to Echoes of Echoes. The material is currently being performed in Australia.

Zenith Projects - Beginning Bells (rel. 2018)

Zenith 17 - You Are So Beautiful Baby (rel. April 2018)


Zenith 17 is a band from Sydney, Australia.  The band is mostly performing as a 3 piece, with a current line up of Jonathan Kajet (guitar/vocals), Catherine Wren (drums/percussion), Brandt Cartell (bass/backing vocals) and other friends who play other instruments, and dance or do jump kicks.

Zenith 17 try to do as many public shows as possible during certain months throughout the year. 

One love. No authority. All are invited to attend.